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Today, more than ever, our home has become our world – our workplace, our travel destination, our go-to restaurant, and most importantly, our haven. We need it to not just be comfortable, but efficient, productive, and safe. To do this, you need a partner who understands your needs.

Big Shine Home le ofrece una solución llave en mano para todas las necesidades de su hogar. Programe una consulta con nosotros hoy y deje el resto en nuestras manos.


Energía Solar

Using clean energy and creating a safe and more sustainable home environment should not be a big task. Big Shine Home provides you with a turnkey solution to make the switch and start saving on energy costs while benefiting our planet. We’ll perform a clean energy audit of your home, create a solar design that fits your needs, and coordinate the entire project for you from beginning to end.

“I couldn’t have made a smarter move. These solar panels are exactly what I needed to make my home sustainable for our future”

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